Sunday, July 25, 2010

All that I know about happiness...

It's my favorite time of the day... late afternoon right before the sunsets when the sky is yellow. Magic Hour. It seems like everything is magical during this time. I'm sitting in my Burbank apartment watching the green/red/yellow/orange leaves dance in the breeze. I can hear wind chimes and Billie Holiday is playing in the background. It's beautiful outside today the weather is like fall. The trees outside my window look like they hold on to the fall year round. We are about to have some friends over for dinner. The room has the scent of a cookie Yankee Candle burning. I woke up to the meanest, hateful email this morning but I won't let it ruin my day. Life is way to short to not enjoy moments like this. I would like to dance under the stars tonight on the street. I curled my hair tonight and put on makeup.. not really sure why but I just felt like it. I would love to have a hot cup of tea right now... hmm I might go make one. I would really like to have dinner at Kings Palace in Memphis. It's on Beale street. It's one of my fav places to eat and there is a live jazz band usually. I haven't been home in too long. I need a break from this place. Hollywood wears on you. It eats at your soul. I guess that's why people here are soulless.

CH CH CH CH CHerry Bomb


These are the photos I chose for Amp Magazine for Emarosa. Emarosa has been a huge part of my life since right before "Relativity" was released. I guess I should speak more on why I chose these photos.

Lukas: I chose this photo kinda by vote. I realllly like another photo I took of him at The Glasshouse probably back in April of last year. But, Brit and April said they really liked this photo. He looks very intense and focused. I enjoy that. He is amazing on the kit and such a great person. I really enjoy his company.

Jonny: I chose this photo of Jonny because it really encompasses his passion. He puts every ounce of himself into his singing and has a strong stage presence. The boy can sing.

ER: I chose this photo of ER because to me, it really embodies his personality. I mean I really wanted to chose the photo I have of him sticking out his tongue because he is really silly, but I thought ehhhhh it's gonna be in a magazine so maybe not. LOL. Plus his hair isn't poofy in this photo which I knew he would like. LOL.

Yeah all in all, I love every guy in this band. I could only choose 3 photos soooo I chose those. I would love to also mention Will, Jonas and Jordan have some amazing photos too. Next magazine I will have to put them :) But yeah. I am happy to call them friends and hope to work with them in the future.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Bored

I still really want this tattoo. Halsey Fireflies... I will get them oneday. Its so beautiful out and I am at work. Tonight Stacey and I are going to see Joan Baez on the Santa Monica Pier which should be fun although my tummy has been hurting today and I think I have a slight burn from the tanning bed. :( Oh well My own demise. LOL. Mick is back in SLC today and I am so stoked to see him. I miss Mike and Britney and cannot wait to see them again. Things are goin ok in my life and I am trying to revive the person in me that cares for herself. Boys shall be boys but I will not let them run over me any longer. I can't wait to go to Lousiville and see my sister and Trevor and go to Lexington to see ER. That will be fun as shit, then go home and visit and drive back across country... ughhhh 3-4 days in the car BOOOOO. Anyways Im at work and have so much shit to do I just felt like writing for a sec. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Latest Plague

I'm trying to hard
I can't write when I'm trying to hard.
My best thoughts never get seen by others because then that opens a new wound be have salt poured on.
Words, like salt burn so long and linger and sting everytime you breathe. People don't care to choose thier words wiseley, instead they use prudent force to spew them at you.
I hear jazz in the background. Oh how I love billie holiday and coltrane and many other greats. Soul, they have soul. I have found a lacking of that in California. Not to judge, but it is truthful nothing is soulful out here... It's hard to find anyone that has anything behing the surface. Well, anything worthwhile for digging into. I am one to like deep people, experience, even if they havent had it wisdom from learning about things.
Now Social Distortion is playing... distracting me. BLAH. I wanna go home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just needed to vent

I have no where else to talk how fucking sad is that... I feel like If I write anywhere else it will get noticed and I want it floating in the air but not to harm me. Because it will always come back to harm me. I am so fuckin pist right now... can i have a minute of your fucking time... is that too much to ask.... really im over it for the day it keeps growing older day by day and I keep thrwoing more and more away. I keep wishing things are as good as i wanted but they arent why .. they never are. you know what fuck it... Imma just rought it out.... Im an overanalyzing over sterotypical mess right now and somethings just need to vanish from me. I need attention I need it I crave it. I will not go unnoticed. Now fuck off.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love him

He doesn't love me.

Whats new.


Friday, March 6, 2009


I was thinking I should start blogs about pictures I take or of my friends and how they make me feel and thier memories. That's what it's all about right? I took this photo off Melrose last umm summer I believe. I was walking to Melrose and it was on a side street and I love these little weeds... you blow them and make a wish ( you know the drill). The little fella was just sittin there by his lonesome and I thought to myself such a pretty little thing on a pretty day in the green grass and he is a lonesome weed. SO I thought I should give aknowledgement to his little pretty blow-y things and make a wish.... as I blew it away all the spores flew areound in a beautiful display to fetch my wish.... just remeber what that wish was.

This is one of my fav photos I have taken of a band. I just really love the lighting and movement of it. It has nice correlation to space. HAHA CRITIQUE. It's kinda sexual. But music is.... Its kinda brutal,passionate,and its kinda religious too. HAHA Well to me anyways. HMMM This was Haste the Day at the Glasshouse in Pomona,CA. I was there to see my friends and Matty Matt Matt's band MCMB and to photograph Norma Jean. I ended up getting some really great shots of Haste the Day though. It was a really good night. Although I ended up with pepper spray in my eyes and throat and was coughing and choking and it was not so good. HAHAH.

I didnt take this obviously ( hahah ) But its Stacey, Tomy, Janelle and Myself drunk and bar hopping in Hollywood last year. It was when Janelle was moving to Universal. We went out to celebrate and mourn her loss at our label. Its just such a fun photo to me. We were all so happy and silly and although it isnt the cutest picture of any of us its just fun. It really captures our state of mind and mood of the night, and the motion of Hollywood at 2 am. HAHA.

Well Those were just random pictures I rummaged through in my files here at work, I need to upload the ones of me and Mick from the Getty and send Burn Halo the pics I took for them. GAHHHH and can Mick come home already. I miss the monkey. Blah well have a glorious weekend, Mine will be filled with the gym everyday, an intense yoga class in the mornin a Primus/Les Claypool show tom night and restin and just havin fun <3 Mick's bday is MONDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOO gonna be fun times. Hope ur all doin well lovies. OHHHHH I think I am shooting 3 or 4 Warped tour dates and Bamboozle ( both days) WOOOO. Gonna be good times.

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